Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Write Stuff

Dear Helen Hartman,
How boring am I? Please say  I’m not. Please.
                                              Bolton Carly
Dear Loved Helen but Didn’t Get the Memo To Not Ever Ask Questions You Don’t Want Snarky Answers to One,

Would Helen be snarky to you?

"Oh, sweetie, I'll tell you what I told Hubby Hartman when we took our vows, 
I'll try my best... 
but I gotta be me!  

Are you boring? Yes. Writers are mostly boring. If you get the idea writers are in themselves interesting you have watched too much Castle and listened to too few interviews with actual authors. In a lot of ways, it is a writer's lot in life to be boring to almost anyone but other writers because even though they happily discuss murder, mayhem, sex and fantasy at the drop of a glass...

Yes, glass. I don't wear a hat but I always have a glass of SOMETHING in my hand.

...it's almost always in the context of their work in progress. Or to stop progress in the work, because they procrastinate a lot. Like I said, BORING.

As part of the blog hop...

What ON EARTH made you associate Helen with HOPPING? This is me
on day 2 camping, winning a prize for not doing ANYTHING. I mean it.
We raced firework monkeys in race cars and I didn't even light the fuses on mine and it won. Whoopeeee.   

You asked writers to answer 3 questions

What are you working on?

Writing wise – a sequel to The Christmas Sisters. In the editing phase and hope to have it out in late August.
Favorite line so far: You can’t keep a good woman down, or, apparently, in a coffee can.

How does your process work?

Every book is different (Christmas Sisters is book 39, I think or maybe that’s my age, I forget)

Right now, I am taking 1 day a week off from work to just write. I get a lot done but not nearly as much as I used to. Also, since I no longer have a home office (long story about mold and allergies) I steal away to the library for a few hours, plug in a soundtrack I’d created just for this book and lose myself in the story.

What authors do you admire?

All of them. Well, okay there are some that I simply DO. NOT. GET. But I actually truly believe that some of the best writers out there are not even published (yet!) an that some people getting a ton of praise are... um, see the not getting part from earlier. 

Who are you nominating?
The game was to nominate 3 but I am nominating some terrific writers who are happy to hop right in. They are part of what we call a "Lifeboat" - a group who keeps each other afloat in sometimes tempest tossed seas of indie publishing. Please take a minute to visit:

Rogenna Brewer:


Linda Barrett:

Debra Salonen

Lisa Mondello


  1. Fun! I learnedsomething (rather a lot) about you of which I had no idea! (And also took a nice bunch of link hopping!) I should have known you were were a writer beyond Helen H! And I am TOTALLY loving your camping photo!

    1. Thanks! I totally loved camping - though I am looking forward to being less rustic next year.

  2. I'd like to hear more about the monkey story. :)

    1. I bring boxes of racing monkeys to our camp out - we name them and race them and mostly they blow themselves up, burn themselves out or got a few inches and sputter. Mine went the farthest!

  3. Helen, I have read some good books ...and I have read some and think..gaaaa what a waste of my time. I was just thinking I need a good book to carry around when I have to wait in lines. xoxo,Susie

    1. That's why I LOVE my KINDLE, I always have books and music and games, lines don't bother me!

  4. I just might be tempted to go camping if I could get a pair of retro styled light up glasses, maybe.

  5. Good luck on finishing/publishing your latest venture. I love how writer's minds work-even if it is a bit scrambled...lol xo Diana


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