Friday, July 19, 2013

Too Hot Not to Be Cool!

Summer has landed with full force, 
Loved Ones!

Summer is not a season, it's an attitude! 

It's not just hot, it's steamy as a naughty novel! 

IF Norma was gonna drool over 50 shades of ANYTHING it would be PINK!
(Happy Pink Saturday)

It is literally too hot to blog.
I'm going to nap instead.
But remember you can follow Helen on Facebook and never be without thoughts like these: 

Stay Cool, ya'll. You know Helen will!


  1. I like the caller ID quote! I definitely could use that one! lol Stay cool...drink Mountain Dew! lol Sweet hugs!

    1. Mountain Dew in this heat would make my heart explode! More of a coke or sweet tea girl :)

  2. The cone girdle!!!! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!! I LOVE it!!! I always wondered what the heck was up with those pointy bras...they made women look like space creatures! I remember both of the aunts on my Daddy's side of the family wearing those back in the 60s. Weird!!!!!!

    Have a cool and relaxing weekend!

  3. The cone girdle is priceless. When I looked at the photo and caption, I thought I'd die laughing.

  4. The lady in that first pic looks fabulous! I guess they were trying to cool folks off by playing Christmas music on the ride home... From what I saw, it didn't work:@)

  5. Helen, If only I could look as good as the 1st lady in the bathing suit. I used to, that's the key word..used to. I need to work on some things...but hey it's too hot.LOL.. Take care and have fun in the shade.xoxo,Susie

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. This is my first visit to yours, and I can see that you have a wonderful sense of humor.

    We're on Day Five of the heatwave on the East coast, and it's absolutely beastly out there today.

    Hope you can stay cooler than we are at the moment.

  7. You are too cute for words. Stay cool! xo Diana

  8. Staying cool in Vegas, we just had a wicked thunderstrom come through last night, ahhhh, the smell of rain in the desert, wish I could bottle it and sell it! Loved the vintage bathing suits from last post, those were so COOL!

  9. I love the quotes! Very funny. Happy to be visiting from Pink Saturday!

  10. Lol, too funny your cone girdles. Love.

  11. Seriously, you need to have bumper stickers and magnets made. We would buy them!


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