Friday, July 26, 2013

Walking The Graves

This is the South, being dead does not excuse you from your social obligations here.
                                                                  - Luanne Jones, Heathen Girls

Greetings from the Graveyard, Loved Ones. No, not making a comment on how deadly dull my hometown is.

Okay, this is 100 years ago. But I didn't take any photos this time and you get the idea.

I'm just saying that in my world we believe that one day the Lord will judge the living and the dead. Often we feel compelled to do likewise.

"Helen's one to talk. One day she's living it up, the next she looks like death warmed over."

So we went out the the cemeteries to visit 'our people' the  past couple of days. Yes, judgments were passed (probably from both side of the immortal veil).

I can't help it, I just love digging up dirt where ever I go.

Boring, you say? Ha! When the kids in the group wanted to go someplace interesting like a place in town called "The Rock House" (real rocks, not rock and roll) I told them we were going to go to a better museum - the museum of dead relatives!

Who needs rock stars when you can hear stories about our actual family?

Stories were swapped. Long held secrets were unveiled. 

A little bird told me that she was born years earlier than that. THAT was his real first name? WHO is this and why are they in the family plot? 
I can't speak for the incorporeal, but a good time was had by the living and it makes me think again how blessed I am not to just love my family but to LIKE them.

MMMWAH! Big Kisses to all. Well, maybe not ALL.

Off to what we call The Shorter Cousin's Camp Out, which may test just how much I like those people. But first I want to remind you: Any day on this side of the dirty is an opportunity to live to the fullest, take it!  


  1. I love the Museum of Dead Relatives. I love going to the cemetery -- when I was growing up, it was a local history lesson for me. While my mom planted flowers, she'd point out the guy who created our first department store and the one who invented the Oldsmobile and all the folks with streets named after them. I'd learn about my grandparents. I still love going today.

  2. I love a trip to the cemetery. I not only get to pay my respects, but I can vent without any backtalk. Seems like a win, win situation to me. xo Laura

  3. Helen, I went to the cemetary just yesterday , myself. I talked to my mom a bit. Don't know why. I just miss her so. I went to a lot of graveyards and cemetaries in Charleston S.C. with my daughter. The head stones are so interesting and very old. I think when we are all gone from this earth, it would be nice to remembered and missed.xoxo,Susie

  4. Looks a lot like Ada. Did you go through my town? I am going to a class reunion there the last weekend in Sept. I will surely visit the cemetery.

  5. Hubby took me to see the ocean at Galveston. We had to spend some time in their very cool old cemetery. Even other people's dead relatives can be entertaining!

  6. I have more 'visiting the cemetery' stories than I care to admit. Luckily (Oddly?) many of them involved lots of laughter.


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