Monday, January 27, 2014


If this morning's news is to be believed Grammies are getting the much needed praise they have long deserved. 

Oh, My. It's nice to have admirers other than our stalker Earl back there.
*My Granny Shorter and I think her sister

I'm hearing about their fabulous red carpets.

We've been vacuuming for decades, it's about time someone noticed.

And bold fashion sense

An award for best wrapper? Well, I've had years of practice on gifts for the grandkids.
*My Aunt Oleeva, kind of our family granny after the real ones were gone 

Attention Madonna: THIS is how you rock a big hat.
*My Granny Shorter early in her marriage

About how they have made history 

I was country when country was all there was!
*My Granny Maggie as a Bachelor Girl before she married my grandpa

And how they are fun, young, the best of the best! 

Dear So called trendsetters: You didn't event having a good time. It's been in our family tree for generations.
*My beloved Mama just being herself!

All I can say is FINALLY! Grammies have long been all these things and more and it's about time our culture rewarded and recognized our grandmothers for all they contribute to... WHAT? Just another flashy award show? UGH.

They need MORE limelight? The things some people do to get a little attention.
*My Aunt Ruth, who grandma'ed me when she moved back to our town and her daughter had gone to college

I stand by my idea - sending my love to all Grannies, Nanas, MeMaws,Grandmothers and Grammies out there. You earned our respect the hard way, by putting up with US!  


  1. I never knew being a grandmother would be this much fun. Turns out, having fantastic grandkids is its own reward.

    I love your family pictures. Your mom in a tree is priceless!

  2. Awww...thank you. I LOVE being Nana to all of our little grandkids. #12 due in mid-March and can't wait! LOVE your family pictures-every one of them. xo Diana

    1. Thanks! Probably won't be a granny myself, but all my friends and family love it.

  3. Oh, thank you! It's so cold here and that is making me grumpy but now I have a big smile on my face!

    1. Cool! I mean, great!(Didn't want to remind you of the chill in the air)

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHA - GREAT post - Happy Monday - XOXO Tanya

  5. great post my best childhood memories are of my grammie.
    I hope to leave my grandchild with the same.

  6. Your blog post is one big AAAWWWWWW!!!!!

  7. Your posts are always fun, but using your own pics.............priceless!! I'm a very young GREAT Grani and I appreciate the attention you've given us! Thanks! Dona

    (Oh, all right, I'm not so young. But not old either. That's why it's Grani.......young and hip.)
    (Hip? Who's talking about my hips, now??)

  8. I like your Grammies better than the ones on TV! Super post....!!!

  9. Your grandma & her sister were rockin' those hats big time!!! Wild how they were all dressed up in their "Sunday-go-to-meetin'" best and the guy behind them was in overalls! Reminded me of my husband & me!!! :-) :-) :-)

  10. Oh, thank you! It's so cold here and that is making me grumpy but now I have a big smile on my face.
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  11. I love your take on Grammies! Cool pictures too. Way better than those too long award shows.

    I had red carpeting in my room when I was really young. I suppose red carpeting is poised for a comeback? Ha!

    Sarah (I'm a Hartman too!)

  12. Great...and I'm a Grammy too!

  13. Love this post. I agree with you. I loved my grandma so much and miss her today.


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