Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Time to Retire?

I came here today to announce Helen's retirement. 

Wouldn't you actually have to DO something to retire from it?

Then in checking stats I see people still stop by every day and am having second thoughts about this thing.

Wouldn't you have had to put SOME thought into a thing before you had SECOND thoughts about it?

The new year is a good time to re-evaluate. To make decisions about where to put your time and energy in the future. Frankly, this past year I've felt like I have had very little time and what I've had I've not used wisely.

In hindsight the two months making clothes to dress like my favorite veggies might have been spent doing something a bit more constructive. I mean, I entirely overlooked fruits and legumes!

Originally, I'd hoped to make Dear Helen Hartman a rotating part of my professional blog.

Don't you mean your IMAGINARY professional blog?

So now that I see people still do peek in on me...

Arrrgh! My eyes! My eyes!
Come back, Anita, I told you not to peek in on Helen!
I am again thinking of blogging on and getting back to reading blogs again. (How I've missed my 'regular' blog stops!) 
Will try for once a week but realistically it may only be a couple of times a month.

Your lack of any response leads me to believe you really, really, want me to fill the silence with another encore!

So, I promise to add this to my list of New Years Goals. Helen will be tackling issues a couple times a month. I think.  I hope. 

Happy 2014!


  1. Well, all I can say to that is "Yay!" Love checking in on you for a smile, some good humor and great fun. And you were missed! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks! Been waiting for life to settle down but clearly, that ain't happening so why not forge ahead?

  2. I've missed you and would settle for a post every now and then....whenever you feel moved to blog! Just make it fun for this new year! And I'll try to do the same! Loved the book, The Christmas Sisters! It was really good my friend! Thank you SO very much! Happy New year! Hugs, Diane

  3. You've been missed! It's always fun to see what Helen has to say. Happy New Year to you and yours!!

  4. We'll be here whenever you feel the urge to blog! Happy New Year!

  5. don't go away permanently...I would miss you terribly! When I see you post it makes me smile..;j

  6. Keep us posted my friend. Where would I get my Helen laughs :) xo Laura

  7. I enjoy your posts and your Facebook updates, so keep 'em coming whenever the urge hits!

  8. Awww...stick around- post when you can and visit when you can! Happy New Year ol' Helen Hartman! xo Diana

  9. Dear Helen, enjoy your retirement...but you will be missed so!

  10. Well what a lovely New Years gift! I did go to visit your blog last nite; I have been on hiatus since last May and with FT job I don't have time to craft and blog about it...I loved to laugh at your banter and the ads...Glad to see you here!

  11. Thanks everyone! I'm excited to think about blogging again and reading blogs again. I may not reply to every comment here or always comment on blogs I'm reading (it's a long list!) but I'm here, reading and writing! Happy New Year!

  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! PULEEZE don't stop!!!! You are the only one of your kind (that I've seen) and I'd miss your sarcastic humor terribly! Anything! if only once a month, just be in my inbox occasionally. You WOULD be sorely missed! Dona

  13. I check my blog roll every day, for more Helen! Glad you are can't get quite the effect of Helen Shenanigans on Facebook. Happy New Year - XOXOXO

  14. Oh, please do come back. I miss you.

  15. We all have to make decisions that works best. However, I would dearly miss you. I have always loved your blog and the presentations. Will be looking forward to seeing you whenever. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  16. A cool post right there mate ! Cheers for the post .
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  17. Hi there! I've been on hiatus, but it's good to see you on here again! I'm glad to know that you won't be totally disappearing. I'd really miss your wit and wild, weird humor!

    Happy New Year! Have a wonderful 2014, m'dear!

  18. A Gal's gotta do what a Gal's gotta do. Nobody else is like YOU!


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