Sunday, December 7, 2014

Well Red!

Dear Helen Hartman 
Someone just told me that as people get fed up with Twitter and Facebook being filled with self promotion and sales pitches that people are reading blogs again. I see you are blogging with a little more regularity and would love to know if you've noticed this too?

Dear Loves to Ask About Helen's Regularity One,

Obviously that's why she locked them outside!

Helen has noticed she has blogged more lately but does that mean Helen is read more?

Great straight? You mean straight from the bottle, right? 
That's not what you meant? Hey, read more or more red, Helen is all for both.

I'm wearing red this season, inside and out!
I honestly don't know if people are reading blogs more these days but have noticed too many social media platforms have gotten to be way more about media and completely forgotten the social! 

But it's called social MEdia,because it's all about ME, right?

And you can just imagine how Helen feels about people who neglect the social graces! 

(Um, the way she feels about most people?)

Sometimes if it wasn't for answering the voices in my head I wouldn't have an intelligent conversation all day

Seems like everywhere I go lately people are looking for a shortcut into my wallet and it certainly has made me avoid those places and people.

But enough about my rotten kids

I can't say if advertising overload had lead people back to blogs but it certainly makes me long for other avenues of social interaction. They say that everything old is new again. So who knows, the next big thing may just be the coffee klatch!

If everything old is new again, then Helen must be the newest thing around!
See what I mean about the conversations in my head?

What do you think, are people reading blogs more lately?
Have a great week!


  1. For the last few months, my daily page hits have been way up. Right this minute, though, I'm in that pre-Thanksgiving-to-post-Christmas slump, which always happens this time of year. Six months or so ago, a migration to Instagram caused me more of a slowdown than Twitter or Facebook, but that trend seems to be reversing.

    1. My kids told me to switch to tumbler but I really like interacting, not just posting stuff then moving on.

  2. I don't know. Honestly, one day you hear that blogging is DYING and the next you hear that posts have "picked up". WHAT have they "picked up" I want to know? I took some time off because I had some health issues but I am back starting it IS true! xo Diana

    1. Glad you're going to be back at it. I'm slowing getting into the routine again and looking forward to seeing what you're up to. Glad you're doing better healthwise.

  3. I have no idea. All I know is that when Google messed around everything tanked.

    What I am excited about is the photo of the Doctor from Next Generation, Diane Muldar. You know she was in the original Star Trek too, right? Just sayin'.

  4. Dear Helen Hartman, just stopped by to see how you are doing. We miss you at Pink Saturday. I hope all is well.♥


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