Thursday, January 28, 2016

Who Done What?

Dear Characters in Helen's Book - 

I know who gets knocked off. There are only so many people who can be the victim in a book I'm currently calling How To Murder a Millionaire.

As Opposed to How to Murder A Woman Who Deserves a Crown - trying to narrow that down would be a real pickle.

At this point everyone, even Helen, may be the perpetrator. 

Helen? Oh, Please, that's just sour grapes... um, pickles... talking. Helen doesn't commit crimes, except of fashion.
I'm new at this mystery thing but I suspect the author needs to know who done it.

Just don't blame the dog, like you do for your other... indiscretions... Helen.


  1. So you're planning a mystery! Hope 2016 has started very well for you. I'm not so regular with my blog, and I guess you are engrossed in writing your books...I don't see you here too much. I like your posts.

  2. Hmm, I also had plans to write more hence neglecting my poor blog. Turns out I only write as much when the blog is alive - typical! Hope your book is going well!


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