Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The World Has Gone to Helen Back

Dear Helen Hartman,

I'm so sick of people who get angry at the drop of a hat and want to make sure everyone knows it. What happened to civility? To playing well with others? Is it all a thing of the past?

Dear Loved One,

You raise some interesting questions. However, Helen would be remiss if she didn't first ask what kinds of hats are these? 

Because if these hats are FABULOUS I can understand why they'd be so mad. But assuming these are your average ugly-a$$ hats Helen is with you whole heartedly.

(Double checking that sentence because Helen is most generally known for doing things half-a$$edly albeit often wearing a gorgeous hat)

But oh, how Helen does love things of the past. Of all those things, manners and all forms of consideration for others is right up there with cocktail parties and mass produced cakes and rainbow colored cereal called 'wholesome' and 'nutritious' eating.

Sure if she sugared him up he'd run wild for 20 minutes but then he'd crash into a heap and she'd have nearly an hour all to herself. The ability to think ahead... THAT was good parenting.

Helen owes her entire existence to the desire to tell people to knock off the nonsense and act like a better version of themselves.

They knew that those who have worked hard to be themselves would never put down others who only want the same privilege. That's what made them admirable. That and their ridiculously awesome fashion sense.

It seems the idea of creating your own version of reality then expecting others to live up to your expectations is at the root of it all. Entertainment does it. Politicians do it. Social Media rewards it. 

The answer? Helen doesn't have it but now that she's thinking about coming back to blogging every week again, you can trust she isn't going to be quiet about it! 


  1. You know I would love to see you blogging again! We could sure use some of your common sense good humor. I promise not to watch the nightly news if you promise to post more often! hahaha! Hugs, Diane

    1. Thanks - still figuring out updating the design. I gave up on the nightly news awhile back.\

  2. Yeah. Get yerself back here!!

  3. How sickeningly superficial. Grow-up... or read our blog and git an epiphany.


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