DO Quote me (with attributions, of course)

More later and I promise some wonderful stuff by many other writers and wise women

She had long ago given up looking for Prince Charming and was ready to settle for his distant cousin, the Duke of Doesn't Scratch Himself in Public.
from Twice Shy/Unlikely Angels by Annie Jones

It doesn’t matter how extraordinary a life you lead. Unless you look great in your coffin all that people will remember is that you got sent off to Heaven looking like Hell. – from Heathen Girls by Luanne Jones

More than monuments or the pretenses of our fragile existence, to love, to stand on faith, to be a good friend, to serve… matters. - from The Prayer Tree by Annie Jones

This is the South! Too much food, too much jewelry or too much hairspray, there is no such thing. In this part of the country, too much of anything is just about enough. – from The Prayer Tree by Annie Jones

Nothing on earth had prepared Nic for this child. She had read the books. She’d had long talks with her mother and sisters.. She had no doubt that she could be the best mother in the world to happy healthy child. But God, it seemed, had other plans for them. – from The Snowbirds by Annie Jones

Meet the Sweethearts: “Renie has money and a hacksaw. Flynn and I have experience sneaking all around town in the dead of night. Jerrianne and Max know the single parent routine forward and backward. So if you need financial aide, life advice or somebody’s body parts spirited away in a bowling bag under the cover of darkness, we have got you covered. -from The Sweethearts of the Twilight Lanes by Luanne Jones

On the preference for hospital birth vs. homebirth: “You want to prepare a child for this life? Pry her from her comfort zone with salad tongs and throw her into the spotlight. A few coos, a few tears, a few tests for illicit drugs… and before you know it she’s carried away in the arms of a stranger. That, my friend, is the way to prepare a person for life in this world.” – from Heathen Girls by Luanne Jones (international Bestseller)

A knight has his armor. A general has his troops. But nothing prepares a woman for her daily battles like the perfect hairdo.
– from Love and a Bad Hair Day by Annie Flannigan

Nobody listened to Sam. No one listened or talked to him, for that matter. The regulars at Dewi’s nodded and muttered greetings whenever he came in, but they never offered an invitation for him to join them over coffee or shared any of the twice told gossip that passed for news around the place. The church ladies had brought by some ham and congealed salads in whipped cream tubs – not their good plastic dishes with the names on the lids in permanent ink. Their gestures, Sam understood, only skimmed the most basic level of good manners. They served to remind him that no one had asked him to come and no one expected him to stay long.
– from The Snowbirds by Annie Jones (finalist Holt Medallion for Southern Fiction)

You cannot wash away the sin of having lived a generally proper life while wearing support hose and a padded bra. Not even a silk monogrammed thong can take that plunge with you and especially not your mother’s best pearls.
– from The Southern Comforts by Luanne Jones

Sisters, girlfriends and troublemakers – you know who you are – you are fearfully and wonderfully made! In other words, God doesn’t make junk. Thankfully, his children do and that’s why we have been blessed with flea markets just about everywhere.
– from The Sisterhood of the Queen Mamas by Annie Jones

They were the kind of family that if the police caught you with a dead body in the trunk would swear it was there when you bought the car.
-from The Southern Comforts by Luanne Jones

Here you are careless with your hair, careless with your self esteem, even with your bodies. You’ve been throwing away your youth and beauty on men who don’t amount to a hill of beans. What do you think as you cast off one man after another for not measuring up? That when your bosom sags and your eggs are about to expire, when you get desperate enough you can take a chance on a less-than perfect man? Then you can let the walls down around your heart? You are protecting the wrong things, my darlings. You are careless with yourselves but holding in an iron fist the one part of you that can’t survive without risk and freedom, you hearts.
-from The Dixie Belle's Guide to Love by Luanne Jones (Literary Guild Alternate, Chosen on of the Best Books of 2002 by Library Journal)


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