Helen Shops!

The Vintage ‘Ville 

The Belle of Louisville

Here are some of the places Helen actually shops for Vintage in and around Louisville (Disclaimer I am not paid to say any of this stuff, I don't get anything from these places that I don't pay for, I just LOVE my town and the places that make it special)

And old school building, loads of fun stuff, great atmosphere, unique finds. And a cafe ideal of ladies who lunch! 

One of my favorite spots for it's fun and funky junk! LOVE this place. A little bit of everything, loads of mid mod, always something new.

Taylorsville, Ky - quaint and cozy, it's not just an antique mall it's a peek into small town charm. If you go, strike up a conversation with the ladies (a friend refers to them like a society - The Little Sisters of the Red Scooter), they are the best!
Old manufacturing building, tons of booths, lots of elegant stuff. The only place antiquing I have ever personally had a ghostly  encounter. A black smokey creeper I bent down to pet because I thought it was a cat! So for the stuff, but don't be surprised if you find something more!
Shelbyville Ky - I love all the shops in Shelbyville, but this is far and away the one I buy the most from. Lots of variety, worth the trip. 

Okay, I frequent Peddlers malls a LOT. The merchandise changes ALL THE TIME. You can find anything in one of these from stuff you think should be thrown away to things that should be in museums. My favorites are in Middletown and Ferncreek but have never not had a great time visiting one of these places. 

Vintage 'Ville - meaning the stuff that is vintage, the great stuff that makes Louisville the wonderful place that it is to live - that I really do support and where I shop:

EATS: (yes, we at out a LOT, Helen cooks but she isn't a fanatic about it!!)

Delicious seafood but the atmosphere (and the friendly service) is the thing that brings ya back. 

Originally The Old Kentucky Tavern  - KTs makes me smile just thinking about it. The food is yummy and the wait staff is super.

Ramsi's Cafe on the World
If you come to visit me in Louisville we will eat PB&Js and cold cereal all week if we have to in order to take our guests to Ramsi's Sunday brunch.  Amazing doesn't begin to describe the food and there is a feeling on Sundays of peace, contentment, good will and good eats that make it like Christmas every week! 

The Irish Rover
Quaint with hardy food and a friendly mood that makes the meal all the more satisfying. It is an essential part of the Clifton community and it shows.

Rocky's on the River
You will think the view is the most amazing part of the trip to Rocky's... until you get a mouthful of the food! Yummy, well priced, delicious with a warm vibe and a terrific view.

 Schimpff's Confectionery
Opened across the river in Jeffersonville, Indiana in 1891 - this is a Halloween and Christmas tradition for us - the candy is amazing and you can watch them make it (and there are samples!!!!!) and an old fashioned soda fountain to boot.

The Zeppelin Cafe 
So much food! Good prices, lots to eat, nice place to sit and chat while you chew. Never had a bad meal there.

Huber's Orchard, Winery and Vineyards
Okay, more than just a place to eat but the home cooking alone is worth the trip to Starlight, Indiana. Add the wine tastings, the family outings, the gorgeous setting - have to make a trip there every fall no matter what!

Food and Health:
Rainbow Blossom
 Healthy lifestyle promoting shops that have been in this town since hubby was a hippie! Love 'em.


The Louisville Palace 

The Louisville Zoo

Actor's Theatre 
An annual Christmas tradition

More to come, because there is always something new to do or see or experience in Louisville!

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