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Helen Hartman's career as a women's columnist in a local Texas paper. As her readership grew so did her reputation as a hostess, homemaker and hellraiser (in the most lady-like of ways, of course!). In the tradition of the incomparable luminaries of Erma Bombeck, Peg Bracken, Heloise, with a nod to Ann Landers, Dear Abby and even Amy Vanderbilt (Amy? Really? It's a love/hate thing for Helen) Helen Hartman dishes on recipes, gadgetry, advertisements, attitudes, feminism, men, children, housekeeping, and life in general with a vintage vantage point, a timeless attitude and a tip of her sweet little thermos of gin.

My 'real' name is Annie Jones. I am the author of 37 novels with 4 pen names and 6 publishers (as of this writing) and the creator of Helen Hartman, the essential character in my as yet to be contracted book Helen Hartman and The Kitchen Counter Revolutionaries. 
You can visit my writing encouragement blog at AnnieJonesJoyWritingThroughLife
  I am truly a vintage fanatic.

Here's what you need to know about me:
1)I am not the boss. I am the queen (Yes, I DO dress like this when I clean the kitchen, don't you?)
2)I bowl under an assumed name
3)Yesterday when I saw a little girl in a white tu-tu and tiara and silver shoes at the State Fair, I wanted that same outfit. One day it WILL be mine (check that off my list - see photo - now I just need to wear it to the state fair.)
4)When I go to antique malls with my daughter, we talk like we're from Minnesota. Oh, yeah, we really do, you know (we're Southern y'all - feel free to talk like us if it makes you happy!)
5)I sometimes dance in the grocery store. This will probably only get worse with age. I look forward to that, 
6)My motto: It is never a wasted effort to lift a weary heart, 
7)Try as I might, I can't seem to shake a certainty that God exists, 
8)I am obsessed with the real ages of celebrities, 
9)I think one of the nicest things anyone could say to me is "you're turning into your mother", 
10)I think that in almost everything people write there is a little of themselves, a little of their hope, a little of their pain and at least one message that has the power to change someone's mind, mood or life.


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